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If 1 - 1 = 0 & 2 - 2 = 2 & 3 - 3 = 6 & 4 - 4 = 12 then 6 - 6 = ?? By: mackharsh
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A: 30
B: 25
C: 24
D: 5
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1 1 answers with (D)
LOHI SAHI answers with (A)
SAM XOXOXOOX answers with (A)
AMIT SAHA answers with (C)
SOANL SRI answers with (A)
VISHAL ANAND answers with (A)
MOHAN KRISHNA REDDY answers with (A)
GARIMA JAIN answers with (A)
RAHUL SINGH answers with (A)
KHASIM SHAIK answers with (A)
MUKUL PAI answers with (A)
MANIK MEHRA answers with (A)
FAIYAZ DOSANI answers with (A)
SAMPITA DAS answers with (C)
MARUTI NANDGADKAR answers with (A)
ABHINAV THARWANI answers with (A)
BERNADETTE REJUSO answers with (A)
RAKESH UNDAVALLI answers with (A)
LAKSHMI KRISHNA answers with (A)
ANKUR GARG answers with (A)
RAJESH BOSE answers with (A)
GOPIKA GOPIKA answers with (A)
POOJITA RAO answers with (C)
YASH MAHALIM answers with (A)
HARISH GOLA answers with (A)
SUMIT DAS answers with (A)
RAM KUMAR answers with (A)
SUNIL WATTS answers with (A)
RONALD KATENDE answers with (A)
EMMA OKERE answers with (A)
VIKRAM KUMAR answers with (A)
NIRAJ KUMAR answers with (A)
YATENDRA AGARWAL answers with (A)
AJAY KORI answers with (A)
MOHAMED ALI answers with (A)
MANOJ KUMAR answers with (A)
VINAY SIPANI answers with (A)
HARRY SARANGAL answers with (A)
SWEATY MANDAL answers with (C)
UMA REDDY answers with (A)
JYOTI AGARWAL answers with (A)
RAJA RAM answers with (A)
SADHANA UPADHYAY answers with (A)
ANIL KUMAR answers with (A)
SUDHANSU DAS answers with (A)
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Question: ====== Something Important for Information ======by: Alok
Question: A, B तथा C का औसत वजन 45 किग्रा है, यदि A तथा B का औसत वजन 40 किग्रा है, तथा B तथा C का औसत वजन 43 किग्रा है तब B का वजन कया होगा ?
अ. 17 किग्रा
ब. 20 किग्रा
स. 26 किग्रा
द. 31 किग्रा
by: Alok
Question: एक पति और उसकी पत्नी की उनकी शादी के समय औसत आयु 26 वर्ष थी | 6 वर्ष के पश्चात् उनके साथ 2 वर्ष का एक बच्चा भी है | वर्तमान में पूरे परिवार की औसत आयु कितनी है?
अ. 25 वर्ष
ब. 22 वर्ष
स. 24 वर्ष
द. 28 वर्ष
by: Alok
Question: एक क्रिकेट मैच में पहले 12 ओवर में रन रेट 4 था | बचे हुए 38 ओवर में 238 रनों के लक्ष्य तक पहुँचने के लिए कितना रन रेट होना चाहिए?
अ. 5
ब. 6
स. 4.5
द. 5.5
by: Alok
Question: औसत Average by: Alok
Question: A car, travelling 610 km in 10 hours. Part of the travel was by bus with an average speed of 40km/hr. and the remaining part was by car at an average speed of 90 km/hr. What was the distance travelled by car?by: anilk84
Question: If 3x + 5x = -8, then x + 1 =by: luckykushwaha5
Question: Two angles of a triangle measure 15° and 85 °. What is the measure for the third angle?by: luckykushwaha5
Question: If the profit made by selling a book for Rs. 60 is as much as its cost, what is the cost price of the pen ?by: Vikalp
Question: two circles touching each other at point A and B. CD is the common tangent which touches at C and D on both circles then find the angle between A and B by prafulkumar
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Question: The weight of copper is 75% in an alloy of copper & zinc weighing 180 grams. How much copper be mixed in the alloy so that quantity of copper would become mdsingh
Question: If A is 5 times to B then how many percentages B is less than A?by: mdsingh
Question: Ram sells at a discount of 10% . If he increases discount by 5%, His profit decreases by Rs175 . The original price of the table is?by: mdsingh
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Ques:  Most Popular CryptoCurrency ?
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A: Bitcoin
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C: LiteCoin
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