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Mathematics questions
Question: ====== Something Important for Information ======by: Alok (Profile)
Ans: 1. एक गज = 3 फूट
2. एक फलॉग = 220 गज
3. एक मील में 1760 गज, 8 फलॉग यानि 220*8 = 1760
4. एक कर्म = 66 इंच
5. एक मर्ला = 272 वर्ग फूट
6. कर्म का दूसरा नाम = सरसाही
7. एक मर्ला में = 9 कर्म
8. एक कनाल में मर्ले = 20
9. एक एकड़ मे मर्ले =160
10. एकड़ का दूसरा नाम = कीला
11. एक एकड़ में कनाल = 8
12. एक एकड़ में कर्म = 36*40 = 1440 कर्म
13. एक कनाल में विसवासी = 240
14. एक मर्ले मे बिसवासी = 12
15. एक बिसवे मे बिसवासी = 20
16. .....
Question: A, B तथा C का औसत वजन 45 किग्रा है, यदि A तथा B का औसत वजन 40 किग्रा है, तथा B तथा C का औसत वजन 43 किग्रा है तब B का वजन कया होगा ?
अ. 17 किग्रा
ब. 20 किग्रा
स. 26 किग्रा
द. 31 किग्रा
by: Alok (Profile)
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Question: एक पति और उसकी पत्नी की उनकी शादी के समय औसत आयु 26 वर्ष थी | 6 वर्ष के पश्चात् उनके साथ 2 वर्ष का एक बच्चा भी है | वर्तमान में पूरे परिवार की औसत आयु कितनी है?
अ. 25 वर्ष
ब. 22 वर्ष
स. 24 वर्ष
द. 28 वर्ष
by: Alok (Profile)
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Question: एक क्रिकेट मैच में पहले 12 ओवर में रन रेट 4 था | बचे हुए 38 ओवर में 238 रनों के लक्ष्य तक पहुँचने के लिए कितना रन रेट होना चाहिए?
अ. 5
ब. 6
स. 4.5
द. 5.5
by: Alok (Profile)
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Question: औसत Average by: Alok (Profile)
Ans: 1. किसी कक्षा के 30 छात्रों की औसत आयु 14 वर्ष है, यदि एक अध्यापक की भी आयु शामिल कर ली जाये तो औसत आयु 15 वर्ष हो जाती है अध्यापक की आयु ज्ञात कीजिये
इसके लिये एक सामान्य सा सूत्र है और आप इसे बिना सूत्र के मौखिक भी निकाल सकते हैं वो बाद में जानेंगे पहले सूत्र
= नया औसत + सदस्यों की पुरानी संख्या x औसत में वृध्दि
= 15 + 30 x 1
= 45
2. चार व्यक्तियों का औसत वज़न 3 किलोग्राम बढ जाता है यदि 120 किलोग्राम वज़न वाले व्यक्ति के स्थान पर किसी और व्यक्ति को शामिल कर लिया जाता ह .....Read more...
Question: A car, travelling 610 km in 10 hours. Part of the travel was by bus with an average speed of 40km/hr. and the remaining part was by car at an average speed of 90 km/hr. What was the distance travelled by car?by: anilk84 (Profile)
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Question: If 3x + 5x = -8, then x + 1 =by: luckykushwaha5 (Profile)
A: -1
Not Answered

B: -2
C: 0
D: 1
Question: Two angles of a triangle measure 15° and 85 °. What is the measure for the third angle?by: luckykushwaha5 (Profile)
A: 50°
Not Answered

B: 55°
C: 60°
D: 80°
Question: If the profit made by selling a book for Rs. 60 is as much as its cost, what is the cost price of the pen ?by: Vikalp (Profile)
A: 20
Not Answered

B: 30
C: 100
D: 120
Question: two circles touching each other at point A and B. CD is the common tangent which touches at C and D on both circles then find the angle between A and B by prafulkumar (Profile)
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Question: Hari mixes water in milk and gains 15% after selling the mixture at cost price, the proportion of milk and water mixed is?by: mdsingh (Profile)
A: 16:3
Not Answered

B: 20:3
C: 20:7
D: 5:2
Question: The weight of copper is 75% in an alloy of copper & zinc weighing 180 grams. How much copper be mixed in the alloy so that quantity of copper would become mdsingh (Profile)
A: 140 gr
Not Answered

B: 130 gr
C: 120 gr
D: 125 gr
Question: If A is 5 times to B then how many percentages B is less than A?by: mdsingh (Profile)
A: 20%
Not Answered

B: 40%
C: 60%
D: 80%
Question: Ram sells at a discount of 10% . If he increases discount by 5%, His profit decreases by Rs175 . The original price of the table is?by: mdsingh (Profile)
A: 3450
Not Answered

B: 3600
C: 3500
D: 3575
Question: The market price of a car is Rs. 5,00,000. It is sold on two successive discount of 15 % and 8 % . For cash payment of an additional offer of 2.5% is also offered. The sale price of the car on cash payment is by: mdsingh (Profile)
A: 3,80,525
Not Answered

B: 3,81,225
C: 3,75,125
D: 4,05,325
Question: An amount becomes three times in 10 years when deposited at a certain rate of simple interest.The required rate isby: mdsingh (Profile)
A: 15%
Not Answered

B: 25%
C: 20%
D: 12%
Question: In what proportion water may be added to sprit to gain 20% by selling it at cost price ?by: mdsingh (Profile)
A: 5:4
Not Answered

B: 5:2
C: 5:1
D: 5:3
Question: Fresh fruit contains 68% of water and the dry fruit contains 20% of water. How much dry fruit can be obtained from 100Kg of fresh ftuit ?by: mdsingh (Profile)
A: 50 Kg
Not Answered

B: 60 Kg
C: 55 Kg
D: 40 Kg
Question: Speed of a train is 180 Km/hr.Speed in m/second isby: mdsingh (Profile)
A: 45m/sec
Not Answered

B: 10m/sec
C: 50m/sec
D: 30m/sec
Question: After adding 7 to a number, the sum is multiplied by 5 and the product so obtained is divided by 9. From the quotient so obtained 3 is subtracted to get 12. The Number is-by: Ashi (Profile)
A: 20
Not Answered

B: 30
C: 40
D: 60
Question: The number (6n^2+6n) for all natural numbers n, is always divisible by?by: Ashi (Profile)
A: 6 only
Not Answered

B: 6 & 12 only
C: 18 only
D: 24 only
Question: the Smallest 5 digit divisible by 41 is ?by: Ashi (Profile)
A: 10041
Not Answered

B: 10045
C: 10004
D: 41000
Question: What is the smallest number of 6 digits which is completely divisible by 111?by: Ashi (Profile)
A: 111111
Not Answered

B: 110011
C: 100011
D: None of these
Question: 587 * 999 = ?by: Ashi (Profile)
A: 587523
Not Answered

B: 586413
C: 614823
D: 615173
Question: By how much 6/11 th of 506 lesser than of 895?by: harish4496 (Profile)
Ans: answer : 261 but i dont know how it has been arrived.
Question: The numbers 2272 and 875 are divided by a 3-digit number N, giving the same remainder. The sum of the digits of N is:by: Abhishek (Profile)
A: 10
Not Answered

B: 11
C: 12
D: 13
Question: How many 3-digit numbers exactly divisible by 6?by: Abhishek (Profile)
A: 140
Not Answered

B: 170
C: 150
D: 160
Question: 88^25 / 88^15 = ??by: Math (Profile)
A: 375
Not Answered

B: 88^40
C: 88^10
D: None
Question: If 1 - 1 = 0 & 2 - 2 = 2 & 3 - 3 = 6 & 4 - 4 = 12 then 6 - 6 = ??by: mackharsh (Profile)
A: 30
Not Answered

B: 25
C: 24
D: 5
Question: exact multiple of 4?by: EGPAGE (Profile)
A: 68994
Not Answered

B: 78798
C: 58256
D: 22486
Question: Look at this series: 8, 6, 9, 23, 87 , ... What number should come next?by: Ashi (Profile)
A: 226
Not Answered

B: 332
C: 429
D: 443
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