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Question: What is PLS TFT screen technology and how does it compare to S AMOLED and IPS screen Technology?by: Alok (Profile)
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Question: World first mobile made by ?
by: Master86 (Profile)
A: Nokia
Not Answered

B: samsung
C: vodafone
D: Motorala
Question: World's first Dual Screen smartphone ?by: amsh (Profile)
A: Yotaphone
Not Answered

B: NokiaX
C: Iphone 6
Question: Galaxy is model of which mobile company ?by: Jyoti (Profile)
A: Samsung
Not Answered

C: Nokia
D: Micromax
Question: Android's Jelly Bean is defined for the version ?by: Alok (Profile)
A: 4.3
Not Answered

B: 4.2.x
C: 4.1.x
D: All of these.
Question: What's not true about Android OS (Operating System)?by: Alok (Profile)
A: Linux based OS
Not Answered

B: An open source
C: Supports APK file
D: All are not true.
Question: Which one is the Mobile OS (Operating System)?by: Alok (Profile)
A: Android
Not Answered

B: Bada
C: Symbian
D: All of these.
Question: When "Martin Cooper" of "Motorola" invented first mobile phone?by: Alok (Profile)
A: 1970
Not Answered

B: 1973
C: 1980
D: 1975
Question: Android is the product of?by: Alok (Profile)
A: Google
Not Answered

B: Apple
C: Microsoft
D: Nokia
Question: Micromax newly launched Model-by: Anurag (Profile)
A: canvas2
Not Answered

B: A116HD
C: canvas music
D: canvas doodle
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