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Which among the following Sultans called himself Naib-i-Khudai or Deputy of God was? By: Vikalp
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A: Alauddin Khalji
B: Balban
C: Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
D: Iltutmish
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ANTARA BASU answers with (C)
SONERAO JADHAV answers with (B)
KAILASH MAHAJAN answers with (B)
BOGA NAGESH answers with (B)
SAI KIRAN PARNANDI answers with (B)
TADAM DUI answers with (B)
ANEEL KUMAR MONANGI answers with (B)
DINESH PRASAD answers with (B)
VEDANT KHARE answers with (C)
SWAPNIL ZAREKAR answers with (B)
SUSHREE UPASANA answers with (B)
ANKIT BADSARA answers with (B)
KESAVAN KUMAR answers with (B)
RASHMI SHARMA answers with (A)
SHAILENDRA YADAV answers with (B)
SONAI MUTHU answers with (B)
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