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The cradle of Buddhism is called? By: Alok
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A: Uttar Pradesh
B: Bihar
C: Sikkim
D: None of these.
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MOHD NAWAZ BATT answers with (B)
PUSHPENDRA YADAV answers with (B)
PRAVEEN MUTYALA answers with (B)
BOGA NAGESH answers with (B)
TADAM DUI answers with (B)
SAI KIRAN PARNANDI answers with (B)
VISHAL GAURAV answers with (B)
SONAM RAJ answers with (B)
GARIMA JAIN answers with (B)
LOKESH KATARIA answers with (B)
HARISH SHARMA answers with (B)
ABHISHEK SINGH answers with (B)
GAURAV SINHA answers with (B)
VISHNU PRASAD answers with (C)
RENUKA DEVI answers with (B)
MADAN MURARI answers with (B)
PRABHU NIKHIL answers with (B)
MARUTI NANDGADKAR answers with (A)
NEHA SINGH answers with (B)
LAXMI SAHU answers with (B)
SHAYA SHAKYA answers with (B)
MANIK MEHRA answers with (B)
MOHIT RATHEE answers with (B)
SRAVAN KUMAR answers with (A)
SHAILENDRA YADAV answers with (B)
NUR TANIA answers with (A)
RISHY BANERJEE answers with (B)
SUPRIYA GHAYTADAK answers with (B)
LAKSHMI NARAYANAN answers with (C)
GAUTAM ROCK answers with (B)
SRIMANTA MAHATO answers with (B)
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