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1. One who is greedy for money – Avaricious
2. One who is a newcomer –Neophyte
3. One who is recovering from illness —Convalescent
4. One who is out to subvert a govt. – Anarchist
5. One who is all powerful –Omnipotent
6. One who is present everywhere – Omnipresent
7. One who knows everything – Omniscient
8. One who is easily deceived - Gullible
9. One who doesn’t make mistakes – Infallible
10. One who can do anything for money – Mercenary
11. One who has no money –Pauper
12. One who changes sides –Turncoat
13. One who works for free –Volunteer
14. One who loves books – Bibliophile
15. One who can speak two languages – Bilingual
16. One who donates for charitable purpose –Philanthropist
17. One who dislikes mankind – Misanthrope
18. One who looks on the bright side of a thing – Optimist
19. One who looks on the dark side of a thing –Pessimist
20. One who doubts the existence of God – Agnostic
21. One who pretends to be what he is not – Hypocrite
22. One incapable of being tired - Indefatigable
23. One who helps others – Good Samaritan
24. One who copies from other writers – Plagiarist
25. One who hates women – Misogynist
26. One who knows many languages – Polyglot
27. One who is fond of sensuous pleasures – Epicure
28. One who thinks only of himself – Egoist
29. One who thinks only of welfare of women –Feminist
30. One who is indifferent to pleasure / pain – Stoic
31. One who is quite like a woman – Effeminate
32. One who has strange habits – Eccentric
33. One who speaks less – Reticent
34. One who goes on foot – Pedestrian
35. One who dies without a will – Intestate
36. One who always thinks himself to be ill – Valetudinarian
37. One who can throw one`s voice – Ventriloquist
38. One who doesn’t know how to read & write –Illiterate
39. One who damages public property – vandal
40. One who does something not professionally but for pleasure
41. One who doesn’t believe in the existence of God – Atheist
42. One who has narrow and prejudiced views –Bigot
43. A man who has too much enthusiasm for his own religion– Fanatic
44. One who thinks only for oneself, a person who is selfish, self absorbedand self centered –Egoist
45. One who feels sympathetic towards human beings–Humanitarian
46. A person who remains unmoved and unaffected by other people’sopinions, arguments or suggestions –Impervious
47. One who is unable to pay one’s debts –Insolvent
48. A person who doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage–Misogamist
49. One who doesn’t care for art, literature etc. –Philistine
50. One who can use either hands with ease –Ambidextrous
51. A person who has changed his faith –Apostate
52. A person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute – Arbitrator
53. One who leads an austere life – Ascetic
54. An unconventional style of living – Bohemian
55. One who is bad in spellings –Cacographist
56. A person who is blindly devoted to an idea –Chauvinist
57. A critical judge of any art & craft – Connoisseur
58. Persons living at the same time – Contemporaries
59. A girl/woman who flirts with men – Coquette
60. A person who regards the whole world as his country – Cosmopolitan
61. One who is a centre of attraction – Cynosure
62. One who sneers at the belief of others –Cynic
63. Polished & light – hearted person – Debonair
64. A leader who sways his followers by his oratory – Demagogue
65. A dabbler (not serious) in art, science & literature – Dilettante
66. One who often talks of his achievements – Egotist
67. A person who leaves his country to settle in another country– Emigrant
68. One hard to please – Fastidious
69. One who believes in fate – Fatalist
70. One who runs away from justice – Fugitive
71. A lover of good food — Gourmand
72. A connoisseur of food – Gourmet
73. A husband ruled by his wife – Henpecked
74. One who believes that sensual pleasure is the chief good– Hedonist
75. One who acts against religion – Heretic
76. One who holds a post without any salary –Honorary
77. A person considering himself to be superior in culture &intellect – Highbrow
78. One who is over anxious about one’s health –Hypochondriac
79. One who is breaker of images & traditions – Iconoclast
80. A person who comes to a country from his own country for settling– Immigrant
81. That can’t be entered by force –Impregnable
82. One who pretends to be somebody else – Impostor
83. One who express oneself freely – Extrovert
84. One who journeys from place to place – Itinerant
85. One who is too strong to be defeated – Invincible
86. One that can’t be harmed/ wounded – Invulnerable
87. A person who leads an immoral life – Libertine
88. One who dies for a noble cause – Martyr
89. One who hates knowledge – Misologist
90. A person having the same name as another – Namesake
91. Lover of self – Narcissist
92. One who is inexperienced in anything – Novice
93 . One who collects coins – Numismatist
94. One who has lost one’s parents – Orphan
95. One who works for the welfare of women – Philogynist
96. One who amuses oneself by love making – Philanderer
97. A child born after the death of its father or A book published after thedeath of its author or An award received after the death of its
author –Posthumous
98. One who collects stamps – Philatelist
99. One who lives in seclusion – Recluse
100. A person who feels pleasure by hurting others – Sadist
101. A person who walks in sleep –Somnambulist
102. A person who talks in sleep — Somniloquist
103. A boastful fellow – Swashbuckler
104. One who doesn’t take any intoxicating drugs – Teetotaller
105. A noisy quarrelsome woman – Termagant (Shrew)
106. One who remains absent from duty without permission – Truant
107. One who is a habitual drunkard – Toper/sot
108. One who is extremely fond of one’s wife – Uxorious
109. One who has a long experience of any occupation – Veteran
110. One who adapts oneself readily to various situations– Versatile
111. One who is brilliant performer on stage – –Virtuoso
112. One who is hard to understand – Abstruse
113. One who calculates premium — Actuary
114. One who is not the citizen of country –Alien
115. Former student of a school / college – –Alumnus
116. Both introvert & extrovert – Ambient
117. Like a weak old man – Anile
118. A person who is interested in antiquities –Antiquarian
119. One who takes care of religious activities – Beadle
120. Yellowish or golden hair — Blonde
121. A maker of boats, especially of traditional woodier construction– Boatwright
122. A member of the middle class — Bourgeois
123. Member of a band of robbers – Brigand
124. A girl / woman with dark brown hair –Brunette
125. An actor in a theatrical performance whose business is to make peoplelaugh through his actions or talk – Buffon
126. A person who uses his strength or power to fight or hurt others – Bully
127. One who comes from a village and considered stupid– Bumpkin
128. Person who holds financial administration at a university– Bursar
129. An instrument used for measuring quantities of heat – Calorimeter
130. One who deceives others by claiming to be an expert – Charlatan
131. Specialist in hand /feet diseases – Chiropodist
132. A co-worker or a fellow worker in the same institution– Colleague
133. A person belonging to one’s own country –Compatriot
134. One who has a very high opinion of oneself – Conceited
135. An entertainer who performs tricks involving illusion of magic– Conjuror
136. The husband or wife of a reigning monarch — Consort
137. Maker of casks or barrels – Cooper
138. Man whose wife has been unfaithful to him – Cuckold
139. A bad tempered person – Curmudgeon
140. One who pays too much attention to his clothes & appearance– Dandy
141. One who commits minor crimes repeatedly–Delinquent
142. One who treats skin diseases – Dermatologist
143. One who is ready to any reckless or criminal act – Desperado
145. One who secretly listens to the talk of others – Eavesdropper
146. Somebody employed to do a variety of jobs – Factotum
147. One who shoes horses – Ferrier
148. A girl to whom a man is engaged to be married – Fiancée
149. One who walks on ropes – Funambulist
150. One who fights with another person or animals – Gladiator
151. Of animals which live in flocks/herds – Gregarious
152. One who treats female diseases – Gynecologist
153. An ugly woman – Hag
154. One who travels from place to place selling miscellaneous articles– Hawker
155. A totally ignorant person – Ignoramus
156. One who can’t be corrected – Incorrigible
157. One who sneaks into a country – Infiltrator
158. One who doesn’t speak or talk a lot – Introvert
159. A rider of racehorses – Jockey
160. A person who amuses by showing skill of hands – Juggler
161. One who cuts precious stones – Lapidist
162. A book of accounts showing debts & credits – Ledger
163. Somebody engaged in a lawsuit – Litigant
164. Tending to talk a great deal – Loquacious
165. One who has no interest in literature, art etc. – Lowbrow
166. Unscrupulous in gaining what is wanted
167. One who enjoys receiving pain – Masochist
168. An independent thinker who refuses to conform to the accepted viewson a subject – Maverick
169. A silly or foolish person – Nincompoop
160. A young woman who is physically mature enough for marriage– Nubile
161. Strong and unchanging in opinion – Opinionated
162. Somebody who carries out eye examinations and prescribes glasses
and contact lenses –Optometrist
163. A person in a vehicle or an horseback escorting another vehicle– Outrider
164. One who treats children’s diseases –Paediatrician
165. Somebody /something that is the very best example of something– Paragon
166. Someone who supports a person/ something without any thinking– Partisan
167. Somebody who has recently gained wealth or social status–Parvenu
168. One who likes teaching – Pedagogue
169. One who emphasizes greatly on rules in study – Pedant
170. One who goes from house to house selling small articles– Pedlar
171. One who sells the skins of animals –Peltmonger
172. A person who travels to a sacred place as an act of religious devotion– Pilgrim
173. One who brings case in the court – Plaintiff
174. A rich man who doesn’t work and devotes himself to a life of pleasure– Playboy
175. One with extraordinary talent or ability –Prodigy
176. One who persuades someone to accept a particular belief—Proselyte
177. Chief person in a drama, story etc. –Protagonist
178. Easily offended or shocked, especially by sexual matters – Prudery
179. One who lives cheaply & spends little –Scrimp
180. A singer with a high pitched voice – Soprano
181. Elderly unmarried woman – Spinster
182. One who buys & sells shares for others –Stockbroker
183. One who hides away on a ship to obtain a free passage– Stowaway
184. One who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people– Sycophant
185. A girl who enjoys violent games – Tomboy
186. One who breaks the law – Transgressor
187. One who makes or deals in carpets, curtains, beds, cushioned seatsetc. –Upholsterer
188. Somebody who charges exorbitantly for his loans – Usurer
189. Somebody who never stays in one place for long– Vagrant
190. Able to adopt oneself readily to many situations – Versatile
200. One skilled in the treatment of diseases of animals – Veterinarian
201. One who realizes the future situation wisely – Visionary
202. One who offers one’s services – Volunteer
203. One who eats/reads a lot – Voracious
204. A jocular person who is full of amusing anecdotes –Wag
205. A thin & homeless child – Waif
206. A man whose wife has died – Widower
207. One not concerned with right or wrong –Amoral


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