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As we all know computer contains some components such as
1. RAM
2. Storage Devices (Hard Disk)
3. Processor
4. Input Devices (Mouse, Keyboard etc)
5. Output Devices (Printer, Monitor etc)
i m going make this topic clear & Easy based on these Devices
First we need to know the task of hard disk or other storage devices. we store data in hard disks that can be used in future for any purpose.
Now how we store data in hard disk, A simple answer is by input Devices (Key board, Mouse, etc), We also use copy paste functionality of an OS (Operating System) to copy data from one storage device (x) to other storage device (y), Here we can assume x (first storage device) as input device for y (other storage device).
What happens when we use this data that is stored in Hard Disk?
Simply the data that is going to be used, is stored in RAM and further it goes to Processor to process the data, and then sends the data to the output device.
Now the question is why does processor use RAM, processor also can get data from hard disk?
Yes, processor can, and it does too…
When data overflows RAM then the data of RAM starts shifting data to Hard Disk. But processor priors RAM. RAM is a volatile memory and also called “Main Memory” because of this feature, RAM is also costlier than Hard disk; Ram provides faster access of data to processor than hard disk. And there is also another kind of memory Called “Cache Memory”. When processor needs to call a data many times while processing, it puts this data on Cache, Cache Memory is faster than RAM.
After processing data processor sends it to appropriate output device or store in Hard disk type storage Memory.

By: Alok    7/16/2013 11:37:02 AM

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