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The word vyasa means... ?

A: Split
B: Differentiate
C: Describe
D: All of these
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No Description Available.
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1 1 answers with (D)
SUMAN KHARB answers with (D)
VINOD KUMAR answers with (D)
PUSHPENDRA YADAV answers with (D)
SONAM RAJ answers with (D)
LUCKY SHARMA answers with (D)
BIKASH KUMAR answers with (D)
TADAM DUI answers with (D)
SHAILENDRA YADAV answers with (D)
SUDHIR KUMAR answers with (D)
AJAY KORI answers with (D)
RAJESH MAURYA answers with (D)
MANISH JAT answers with (C)
ANAND CHAND answers with (C)
AKASH KUMAR answers with (A)
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