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Who in the list was buried at Sikandra ?

A: Babur
B: Jahangir
C: Akabar
D: None of these.
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PRAVEEN MUTYALA answers with (C)
BOGA NAGESH answers with (C)
UMMED SINGH answers with (C)
SHER SINGH answers with (C)
KESAVAN KUMAR answers with (C)
SAI KIRAN PARNANDI answers with (C)
KRIYA SMASH answers with (B)
RAUSHAN SINGH answers with (C)
VISHNU PRASAD answers with (C)
LOKESH KATARIA answers with (A)
HARISH SHARMA answers with (C)
YASH MAHALIM answers with (A)
ABHISHEK SINGH answers with (C)
GAURAV SINHA answers with (C)
KRISHNA SHARMA answers with (C)
RENUKA DEVI answers with (C)
PRABHU NIKHIL answers with (C)
SHAILENDRA YADAV answers with (A)
MANIK MEHRA answers with (C)
NEHA SINGH answers with (C)
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