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HTML, Hypertext Markup Language is the base of Web designing. HTML is a platform independent language. HTML provides tags to make the page look better. Usually all the tags are supported from browsers but some exception are there. HTML tags are written using <> symbols.
Some popular HTML tags are: div, span, p, b, i, br, table, td, tr, iframe, marquee, a, img, ul, li etc.

CSS Cascade Style Sheet is used with HTML to give a webpage more beautiful look at less efforts. CSS can be integrated with HTML using another file (.css) or directly within HTML tags using Style attribute or using head section.

JS java script is a client side script. It provides features of taking actions whenever any event occurs. Programmers have to write codes to provide to handle events. Some events are: Click event, mouseover, mouseout, keypress etc.

ASP.NET is a server side script. In this technology requests are sent to server then server processes it and then generates it to the language that a browser can understand and finally respond to the same browser from where request was originally generated.

Register a Domain Name Registering a Domain is a process of getting a suitable name for your website. Names are taken as .Com is one of the most popular domain name extension.
there are other domain name available some are: .com, .in, .co, .org, .net etc.
you can register a domain name from sites like bigrock and many more. To register Click Here.

Web Hosting After registering the domain you need a web space where you can host your web site or in simple word where you can put your codes and data that can be executed when requested from any client computer or any user. to get hosting click here.

If you are not a programmer. Do It Yourself, you can also simply design your web site within minutes even you are not a programmer. Start Desiging, Click Here.


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